How we do it

  • WEAR

    Users just have to wear Eye-Brain VR of Looxid
    Labs to enjoy VR contents such as game, video and so on


    We can measure various biometric data including
    facial expression, brainwave, eye movement and heart beat of the user, without providing any inconvenience to the user


    We analyze emotion user felt while watching
    certain scene or object through machine learning technology


    We provide hints how your contents can be more
    loved by the users, based on the user analysis result

AR/VR Analytics Platform

We help to improve contents by analyzing on which part of your contents
the user felt interested or bored.

Real-time Interaction Technology

We provide API to help producing more customized contents so that reacts
quickly to the user’s gaze and emotion

Mental Healthcare Solution

We provide Eye-Brain data that can be medically utilized for diagnosis,
rehabilitation and treatment purpose in metal healthcare area


Eye-Brain VR / AR


The World’s First VR Headset with an Eye-Brain Interface